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micobo is building the infrastructure for the future of finance, improving capital markets capabilities with innovative technology: We believe in the disruptive power of blockchain, and particularly of Ethereum. That is why we want to keep supporting the adoption of this technology for capital markets.

To contribute to a strong foundation for these new ecosystems that enhance the financial industry, we are open-sourcing our Ethereum Security Token standard.

For us, it is clear that collaborative development through the open-source process can accelerate innovation. …

Frankfurt/Main (24.11.2020) Der Immobilien-Investor PREOS Global Office Real Estate & Technology AG (PREOS) ist das erste börsennotierte Unternehmen, dessen Aktien durch einen Blockchain-basierten “digitalen Zwilling” (Token) digital verbrieft werden. Die Emission der Token erfolgt durch die PREOS-Mutter publity AG im Wege eines öffentlichen Angebots in Deutschland und Österreich auf Basis eines von der Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) am 23. November 2020 gebilligten Wertpapierprospekts sowie einer internationalen Privatplatzierung. …

Frankfurt/Main (24.11.2020) — The real estate investor PREOS Global Office Real Estate & Technology AG (PREOS) is the first publicly listed company whose shares are digitally securitized by a blockchain-based “digital twin” (token). The tokens are issued by the PREOS parent publity AG by way of a public offer in Germany and Austria on the basis of a securities prospectus approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on 23th of November 2020 as well as an international private placement. …

A comprehensive summary of what 2020 brought in going towards the massive adoption of digital assets in the financial industry.

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2020 has been an unusual year for everyone. The global economy has been shocked unprecedentedly, but the markets’ resilience has set a pace for the necessary transformation that the financial industry needs: digitalization.

This urgency has been pivotal for digital assets, and this year has been of particular importance for this increasingly relevant asset class. Big innovations for the industry, derived from the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), have been central topics of conversations among experts and market players…

“Startups and major financial companies around the world are now racing to develop systems for the next phase of this evolution: tokenizing assets. - NASDAQ

Tokenization of assets is disrupting the financial industry. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) have captured the attention of many, thanks to their potential to deliver new and better infrastructures for the improvement and digitalization of the capital markets.

Companies taking advantage of the token economy are building bridges between real-world businesses and global digital investors. …

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The disclosure of information being transacted using blockchain still represents a big hindrance for many business implementations. The Zero-Knowledge Proof or Zero-Knowledge Protocol has appeared as the answer for security and privacy concerns remaining for some regarding Distributed Ledger Technology ( DLT) and blockchain applications.

Using this mechanism, DLT-based systems can validate all the data processed and transacted on the ledger with total privacy, avoiding disclosing relevant information regarding sender, recipient, asset class or quantity.

DLT has raised the attention of plenty of industries around the world, thanks to its great potential, especially in processes with multiple participants. It has proven to increase efficiency and transparency in many use cases while reducing the overall costs of reconciling different parties. However, for many, security remains a pain point that prevents them to implement and embrace this technology due to compliance and safety concerns.

It is understandable…

Central banks around the world have been actively exploring the possibility of introducing sovereign digital currencies. Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is the digital alternative to cash that many policymakers are proposing to engage with the ongoing digitalization of payment means.

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We have collided most of the publicly available information in this timeline highlighting the efforts taken by Central Banks worldwide acknowledging the great opportunities that DLT offers to improve inefficient processes and the value it brings considering salient risks and limitations.

Due to the rapid and escalating digitization process, institutional players are starting to explore and adopt innovative digital means of payment. The debates on CBDC cover broad issues, such as their possible impacts on banks’ fund intermediation, liquidity crises and the transmission mechanism of monetary policy.

In the core of these developments, the emergence of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)…

The new competitive advantages of the blockchain ecosystem for broader business models and institutions.

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New Ethereum 2.0

The start of the decade will be great. Ethereum, the most used blockchain ecosystem and the host of the second-largest crypto asset by market capitalization will launch a package of new updates: Ethereum 2.0. Starting in early 2020 and finalizing in 2022, the new set of developments and updates for Ethereum will be a major event affecting the new wave of digital transactions taking the stage in the global economy.

The transition to Ethereum 2.0 will set a precedent for the development of projects and developments being built in the blockchain platform. Thanks to the smart contract functionality, that allows…

Climate change is the world’s most important issue: it affects us all, no matter where we are from or what we do. The urgency is real and many actors are joining the conversation. Blockchain-based industries are acknowledging the potential and starting to make a change.

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NGO´s are leading the discussion, while governments aim to step-up and deliver solutions. However, industries are important players: as pollution and contamination sources, they are being called to come up with production alternatives that can offset climate change.

Most of the world’s current environmental issues can be traced back to industrialization, particularly after global economic activity’s “great acceleration” that starting escalating all types of industries into massive production around the 1950s.

Nowadays we are facing the consequences of this great and accelerated period of industrialization while showing no signs of lowering technological development., As the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) marches…

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Asset-Backed Tokens by micobo

Asset-backed tokens are a growing class of digital assets that open the door for compliant and regulated digital ledger investment. These “Security Tokens” are called to be the future of financial transactions for the digital capital markets, and we want to explain you why.

Security Tokens are a new tool for digital transformation, tackling the inefficiencies of the traditional systems while ensuring the security of investments. However, many see them as a threat. So we are here to explain why they are rather an empowering instrument.

The digital assets’ ecosystem has been steadily growing since the introduction of the blockchain, an immutable and decentralized system that allows assigning digital value to any physical object, an intellectual work, a financial asset or any type of transaction.

This possibility, called “asset tokenization”, is currently becoming the focus of many industries interested in adapting and surviving the…

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